Dance Remote Learning

I.S. 234 DAILY "REMOTE LEARNING PROTOCOLS: **If there are adjustments made in  the Arts/Dance, students will be informed.  


  1. Students Log in to Google Classroom at the day and time of your regular daily schedule.  





7A Dance Majors

7E Dance Majors

8th Dance Majors


2.  Attendance:  

A. (As of 3/30)  All students will check their school email for a daily email from Ms. Flynn. This email will contain a google form which you will complete and will collect your daily attendance. Students will only be allowed to complete the form once per day. 

B.  Ms. Brown will pos a Daily Attendance Question for Dance students to "check into" Dance for the day/period.


3.  Method of instruction is up to the teacher’s discretion, but a student work product must be viewable/collected every period (even if it is in process work for dance).  ​

4.  Teacher(s) remains online to support students throughout the period.  Methods of communication may include ...

  • Google Classroom Stream

  • Video Streaming and Chat Services

5. Teachers will post an ASSIGNMENT at the end of the period, this in the Exit Slip Question, and serves as proof that the student attended the full period. Students again must click TURN IN to submit.


6.  Students that are unable to log in at the required time will be expected to complete the work within 24 hours.


7.  If a student misses “class” and/or does not complete the assignments  throughout the week, the classroom teacher will email the name and class of the student to their AP, Dean, and Guidance counselor. Teachers will also be reaching out to  students & family to check in regarding Missing work.

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