Dance Remote/Hybrid Learning


**Information will be added as things change and adjust during the year!

**If there are adjustments made in  the Arts/Dance specifically, students will be informed.  


1.  Learning Platform:  All students must have access to their Google Classroom during the day and time of their scheduled class.  Further instruction will be given regarding the use of Google Classroom (Remote/Hybrid) and accessing lessons, materials, resources , etc. within the platform.


2.  Attendance:  

A.  Online Attendance for All:  All students will check their school email for a daily email from Ms. Flynn or an Administrator. This email will contain a google form which you will complete and will collect your daily attendance. Students will only be allowed to complete the form once per day. 

B.  ​Attendance will  also be taken for each class period.  More information to come regarding this process. 


C  Absence:  If a student misses class and/or does not complete the assignments  throughout the week, the student, family, and admin will be notified.  

2020-2021 Dance Dept. Schedule

*Currently Classes are assigned to be in Classrooms.  Please review your schedules!

Additional Program Information:   As of 9/8/20

  1. IN School Learning/Synchronous:  Teaching happens in building or in real time, according to the class schedule and required login times

  • Movement Warm Up (modified for classroom setting)

  • Movement/Dance Concept Exploration.

  • Video Viewings/Choreography Analysis/Dance History and/or Dance Research.

  • Short choreography in class tasks/shares (with social distancing). *If possible/modified for classroom setting.

2.  Asynchronous Learning:  Content is available online for students to access when it best suits their schedules, and assignments are completed to deadlines.

  • Dance Assessments

  • Choreography Project (to be done remotely due to challenges of space/safety in the classroom setting).

  • Dance Research Study 

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