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Ms. D. Brown/234 Dance 

I.S. 234 W.A. Cunningham 

1875 East 17th St.

Brooklyn, NY 11229


TEL - 718-645-1334

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Dance is Diversity . . . 
Dance is Expression . . . 

Dance is Inspiration!

Upcoming News/Events

6th Grade Group Semester 2
LMA/Cultural Connections Choreography Shares:

In Class Project: 
3/28-4/8 (subject to adjustments for select classes

Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival
Cunningham Dance Company

Date:  5/15 
6pm Show
5:30pm Doors Open
Location:  Brooklyn College, Leonard & Claire Tow Performance Center

Email Ms. D. Brown for Information

District Dance Festival
Cunningham Dance Company will perform!

Date 6/3
Time:  AM (To be announced)
Location:  PS 206 Joseph P Lamb School
Email Ms. D. Brown for Information

7th/8th Grade Spring Dance Performance
Date:  6/11
5:30 pm Show
5:00 pm Doors Open
Location:  I.S. 234 Cunningham Auditorium

6th Grade Required Arts Spring Dance Performance
Date:  6/20
Time:  To be announced
Location:  I.S. 234 Cunningham Auditorium


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