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234 DANCE!

Dance Program Description:

Welcome to Dance!  Dance at I.S. 234 focuses on using your creativity as well as learning about dance techniques, culture/history of dance, and what it means to be an observer & a performer.   As a dance student, you will be introduced to technique and vocabulary from different dance genres, styles, mind body/physical conditioning practices as well as investigate the diversity and creativity of one another through improvisation and choreography. The I.S. 234 dance student is recognized as a dance artist, one who engages in the art form of dance through multiple perspectives (seeing, rehearsing, creating, performing, discussing, critiquing, reading, writing, researching, etc.).  



Program Objectives:

  1. To enhance one’s physical skills (ex. attention to alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination, rhythmic accuracy, spatial awareness, and precision).

  2. To develop one’s own natural creative movement abilities with attention to choreographic tools and inspiration.

  3. To cultivate the artistryof one’s dancing (ex. musicality, expressiveness & stage presence, movement fluidity, transitions, phrasing)

  4. To instill an appreciation for dance as an art form and make connections between dance, your self, the community, and the rest of the world.


I.S. 234 Dancers

234 Dance Students working on a spatial design using "Lateral T" from Modern/Horton Technique!


234 Dance Students working on collaborative "Support" shapes inspired by the work of choreographer Merce Cunningham.


 234 Dance Student Madison performing her own choreography!

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