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234 Dance Assignment Information

Click Below for Google Classroom 
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Dancers, please remember the following for Ms. D. Brown's Online Class Assignments . . . 

  • You will be given specific Due Dates to hand in any online work/homework assigned (please remember to check each Google Classroom Assignment).

  • Dance Homeworks/Journals are meant to serve as an assessment of learning as well as deepen the learning relating to our class and serve as a source of reflection and application of feedback! 

  • Late homework will be accepted only for partial credit (varies based on work handed in) and a Final Late Credit date will be given (toward the end of Marking Period).

  • Please join your Dance Google Classroom Page so you will be able to access your outside of class assignments and participate in discussion when needed! Click on Google Classroom above!  *See Ms. Brown if you do not have it or you have not automatically been added by the school!!!

  • Individual Assignment grades will be posted on Google Classroom.  Final Grades will be will be shared through the DOE Grading Platform.   Additional details and messages will be sent directly to the students through email or Google Classroom and shared with families.  


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