Dance Syllabi/Contract, Media Consent, Attire & Other Program Materials


Dance Attire Policy: 


Come to school prepared on the days you have dance! *Please make sure these items fit well and you are able to move your best in them.  Baggy clothing makes it difficult to see the body, how it moves, and make physical corrections. 

*7th & 8th Grade Dance Majors & 6th Grade Dance Classes

Suggestions: www.hanes.comor 1-800-503-6702, or 1-800-328-7107 (Use Teacher Code-69256).  Also check the websites below.       



Dance Top: 

  • 234 Black Dance T-Shirt or Tank (Students will purchase from the school).

  • In addition, purchase your own Black Tops &/or Leotards.  (See Ms. Brown for assistance with websites or places to purchase).   *While waiting for T-shirt orders or if shirt is laundered, dancers should wear their own black T-shirt/top.


Dance Bottom:  

  • Black, Grey, Navy Leggings or Sweatpants (Athletic shorts may be worn if length is approved)


Dance Top: 

  • 234 Black Dance T-Shirt or Tank (Students will purchase from the school) or Athletic T-shirt/Tank/Leotard.

Dance Bottom:  

  • Dark Leggings or Sweatpants (Athletic shorts may be worn if length is approved).  Black, Dark Grey, Navy colors are preferred.


  • Dancers will remove shoes and socks and dance barefoot.  This is for the safety of all students in the studio and to encourage proprioception .  If a student owns or is interested in purchasing dance footwear (ex. a half sole dance shoe), please speak with Ms. Brown. 

  • Jewelry should be removed before class, hair should be pulled away from the face and all students should carry deodorant and be aware of self-cleanliness.

  • Unprepared: Being unprepared will affect the student’s grade. Please review the ATTIRE RUBRIC!

  • All 7th and 8th dancers will be asked to buy a  234 Dance T-shirt (similar to purchasing supplies for your other classes).  6th graders may also purchase and wear as a dance attire option.  Be mindful that for performance you will most likely need black leggings or bottoms and possible tops so it is best if you purchase ahead of time.  Please do not purchase items with logos (writing) for performance.  Solid Black works best for the stage!  

  • Performance Costumes:  A costume plan for each class/dance will be addressed at least a month before performances so you have time to gather your costume items.

Here are a few websites that will help you find dance attire/costuming for classes. Ms. Brown recommends Discount Dance Supply and Dancewear Solutions! Email Ms. Brown if you have any questions.

1. Discount Dance Supply Use the Teacher Code: 69256 (as posted above)

2. Capezio

3. On Stage Dancewear

4. dancewear solutions