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2018 7th Grade Inductees:  
Cassandra Kleid  & Deborah Zeleny

Chapter Sponsor:  Ms. D. Brown

2018 7th Grade Inductee:  

Shakhnozhon Jumadullaeva

NHSDA Junior Program (grades 6-8) Goals


  • To promote a desire for life-long learning in the field of dance.

  • To encourage an understanding of, and an appreciation for, dance as an art form and develop knowledgeable audiences for tomorrow.

Additional I.S. 234 W.A. Cunningham NHSDA Goals:

  • To expand upon leadership roles for current NHSDA members in their 8th grade year.

  • To develop dance service/community projects to promote the power of the arts & dance within our community.

  • To highlight and celebrate the dedication of our NHSDA Inductees within the art form of Dance!

Eligibility Criteria for Student Induction

Induction into the NHSDA Junior Program is earned through the accumulation of at least 15 points awarded for dance activities such as rehearsals, performances, research, workshops, or community service activities, alongside a GPA of at least 3.0. Students should track their points and provide the Chapter Sponsor with a record of points earned through worksheets, portfolios, or other agreed-upon methods. For points earned outside of chapter activities, verification of points earned should be provided to the Chapter Sponsor through playbills, registration forms, photos, or other agreed-upon methods. The Chapter Sponsor will keep a record of points earned on file. In addition, the prospective student's demonstration of collaborative teamwork, motivation, and leadership in the many aspects of dance (e.g., choreography, performance, mentoring, production) are factors in the determination of eligibility for induction.


2018 8th Grade Senior Inductees:  Victoria Vilton, Kimberley Lucas, Elizabeth Nemirovskiy, & Milana Tatarkina (not pictured) 


2020 National Honors Society of Dance Arts Graduation with Honors (8th):

Julia Sharf, Elana Toyber, Elise Badmaev


2020 National Honors Society for Dance Arts Inductees:  

Angelina Farrell (8th) & Emma Purisic (7th)

2021 NHSDA Graduation with Honors:  Emma Purisic 

Solo Performance and Reflection


2022 NHSDA Graduation with Honors: Makenzie Kleid

Madison Marks

NHSDA Love Your Body Celebration

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